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Women with Wings

Winter Sacred Circle

March 7th and 21st  10:00 am-noon

The energies of 2020 created the perfect opportunity for Women with Wings.  We have a year of change, challenge, and choices.  Women grew new wings that need to be tried out, tested, and trusted. 

It is exactly in these times in history that our ancestors connected to sacred wisdom ways. Paths of wisdom give us the opportunity to go deep, gain insight, heal and transform. Connecting to these eternal rhythms supports our Spiritual evolution.


In this new sacred wisdom circle, we will strengthen our sovereignty, nurture our growing wings, hold compassion for our humanity and curiosity for our divinity.


Through ritual, ceremony, and guided meditation we will raise our vibrations first to the 4 Dimension of objective curiosity and then to the 5 Dimension of seeing all as perfectly design to generate joy and love.

The location is in-person or online (your preference). Register to receive the location details or Zoom link.
We will be asking for a love offering of $22.00.

Women with Wings is an experience offered both on-line and in person.  So, whether you are near or far, a sacred container will be established for your transformation from chrysalis to a woman with wings with the power to change her world with love. 


Women with Wings Sacred Winter Circle will be meeting on the following Sunday mornings from 10 am-Noon East Coast Time.

January 24th, 2021

February 7th & 21st, 2021

March 7th & 21st, 2021

Your Facilitators for this Winter Journey


                                           Belinda Haverdill, is the founder of Spiral Path Healing Arts Center. Belinda has been                                               practicing and teaching the powerful art of mindfulness and ancient healing wisdoms for                                               more than 20 years, providing a welcoming place for Spirit and the Mystery in our ordinary                             lives.







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Amejo Wyn Amyot is a shaman practitioner and teacher, visual artist, and former university professor.  She channels a group known as Onee’.