Spiral Hive Embodied (S.H.E.) 
3rd Thursday of the Month at 7:00pm in EDT

This the follow up group to the transformative, year-long course Aphrodite's Mirror. I invite you to attend Aphrodite's Mirror as a gateway to the S.H.E. circle!

The Guiding Principles of S.H.E.

  • To affirm and facilitate each woman’s connection with herself, to other women and to All There Is.

  • To recognize, cultivate and nurture each woman to birth her sacred gifts into world.

  • To create a safe sacred space to support women to explore the depth of their inner and outer worlds.

  • To practice the art of ritual and ceremony as a way of life and healing for individuals, communities and the earth.

  • To provide opportunities for women to “access their personal power and experience themselves as sacred” (Ruth Barrett)

  • To practice the Right Use of Power by intertwining love and strength as demonstrated by our actions and speech towards ourselves and to one another.


This circle meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  Location varies.  This group is open to women who have an interest in deepening their spiritual commitment to themselves and other women based on the Guiding Principles of SH.E.  Any woman interested in an invitation to participate please contact Belinda at belinda@spiralpathhealingartscenter.com.

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