Concentrative Meditation

Concentrative MeditationBelinda Haverdill
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Meditation is a mind-body practice that has been clinically proven to reduce stress and support brain health. There are several types of meditation.


This first meditation focuses on Concentrative meditation. Our mind is given something to focus on such as breath, a comforting word, or an object such as a candle.

Awareness MeditationBelinda Haverdill
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This next meditation is an Awareness meditation. This practice helps you get to a place of centeredness and have a compassion for all of who you are.


Awareness Meditation

Awareness Meditation

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Surrender MeditationBelinda Haverdill
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Surrender Meditation: This next meditation will take you through a journey of release. This allowing peace and hope to secure itself in your life.

The Path MeditationBelinda Haverdill
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Walk down this path to a sacred space of full acceptance. The Path Meditation will help you set aside a special place to embrace and love all that you are.


The Path Meditation

The Path Meditation

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Women With Wings Meditations

The Positive Intentions of Mars, Kali anBelinda Haverdill
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Listening to Your Inner Wintering MeditaBelinda Haverdill
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These meditations will help us connect to sacred wisdom ways. Paths of wisdom give us the opportunity to go deep, gain insight, heal, and transform. Connecting to these eternal rhythms supports our Spiritual evolution.

The Bless Me Method MeditationBelinda Haverdill
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Connecting to Our Energetic Bodies MeditBelinda Haverdill
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Connecting to an Ancient Wise Guide MediBelinda Haverdill
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