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Saturday, January 20, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Check In: 9:30 am

We all feel invisible at some point in our lives. Invisibility can lead to feelings of loneliness, being disconnected, fearfulness, feeling forgotten: all triggering vulnerability. Invisibility is one of the most painful and deafening of human experiences. Its roots begin from various life experiences and can have long-lasting effects. It can paralyze your journey and impact your relationships.

Spiral Path Healing Arts Center

7810 Pineville-Matthews Rd., Suite 6

Charlotte, NC 28226

Seating is limited. Secure your space: 

Moving from Invisibility to Empowerment will provide you with renewed insight. You will gain more effective tools to overcome the impact of invisibility so that more of your brilliance shines through.


During this workshop you will:

· Gain more awareness regarding the impact of social and cultural labels.

· In a safe and supportive environment, explore personal experiences that have led to beliefs and behaviors which keep you invisible and    small.

· Learn effective self-compassion practices to deal with present and past experiences so that you may continue to heal.

· Practice using your Personal Power in ways that positively impact you as well as your relationships.

· Effectively use your voice in order to embody your most magnificent Self.

· And More!

In addition, we will co-create together a safe container to speak our truth into sacredness. This workshop will gently weave ceremony as a source of healing and expanding through-out the day. In this way, your experience will not just be one of the mind, but of the heart and soul as well: transformation from the inside out.


                                           Belinda Haverdill, LPCS, is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and                                                               Advanced Teacher for the Right Use of Power. Belinda is the founder of Spiral Path
                                             Healing Arts Center. As a counselor, she's been practicing and teaching the powerful art of                                               mindfulness and ancient healing wisdoms for more than 20 years, providing a welcoming 

                                             place for Spirit and Mystery in our ordinary lives.

                                            Her core values include being of service to others, with openness and compassion as others                                              find their way toward greater wholeness. Belinda believes that we're all born with the

                                            ability to heal ourselves, to summon our unique inner strengths in the promotion of deep, positive transformation in our lives... and the lives of others!

Central to her heart's desire is the facilitation of healing circles and events that empower individuals to know themselves and bring their unique gift into the world to help others.



                                         Jeannie Fennell, Ph. D., is a psychologist, entrepreneur, coach, and college

                                         professor.  Her company, Lifeworks, is dedicated to supporting people to create a life

                                         that works for them. Her many workshops, groups, and blog posts all give tools and                                                 inspiration to help others to move forward in their own lives. Jeannie and Belinda have

                                         co-facilitated several workshops together and they make a strong team.





Any questions please contact Belinda Haverdill, LPCS




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