Wisdom Circle

What if…..

the secret to your spiritual awakening, healing, empowerment and success was intimately interconnected with other women?

What if…..

this truth has been proven by science of various fields of study and is so deep
it is a part of your very DNA as a woman?

What if…..

there was a sacred female space for you to safely explore both the practical and the mystical side of female spirituality and development so that you can reach
your fullest potential?

Women united in spiritual circles will awaken the wisdom in each other’s spirit.


Aphrodite’s Mirror Wisdom Circle is for women of any season who:

  • Have curiosity to deepen their connections on both a relational and spiritual level

  • Desire breakthroughs in their lives so that they may experience true joy

  • Wonderment about female spirituality and healing ways

  • Vision opportunities for a Deep Soul Journey

Join us and you will discover:


  • Experience using your personal power in ways that creates choices for your life

  • Align with more courage and wisdom for the desires in your life.

  • Restore the power of relationships between women for deep transformation.

  • Awaken to your unique brilliance

  • And much more….

In this program, you will….


  • Learn about the hidden history of female spirituality and power from the pre-Olympian perspective and how this impacts your life today

  • Restore connection to your Authentic Self

  • Learn and practice effective methods of communicating and to heal ruptures in relationships.

  • Practice ancient women’s wisdom ways to transform your intentions/desires into action and a reality

  • Experience and explore the wisdom power of a women’s circle

  • Unlock the benefits of receiving as well as the gift of giving.

  • Have the opportunity to grow in a supportive non-judgmental environment

  • Be connected to other spiritually seeking women who are desiring positive change

Aphrodite’s Mirror Wisdom Circle

We are the one's we've been waiting for.

 -June Jordan-

What women are saying about Aphrodite’s Mirror Wisdom Circle

Sitting with the wise women of my circle has given me the opportunity to look humbly into the eyes of an ancient truth unbound only through ripples of circle visions. Together we learn to remember what we forgot that we knew. I have learned so much from the wise women of my circle. Each woman's willingness to show up to sacred space teaches me a type of humanity that opens to share of itself fearlessly. Tethered by the grace and beauty of truth and a commitment to one another, circle makes its possible to see and experience the magic in the sacred wheel of our personal and collective lives.

 — Erin Rennebolm

Women's circle has facilitated retrieving my true, authentic self in a  place that is safe, supportive and empowering with women from different walks of life who have become my soul sisters. Sisters who hold me with love and compassion and witness all of my parts, dark, light and in between.   The work I have done in our circle has helped with finding my true calling, become more present with others and clients and enabled me to "be" with total self love and acceptance.  The work is sacred, expressive, meaningful, mysterious and fulfilling.  I have never had an experience which has helped me grow so much on a soul level as this beautiful community has for me, it is something I will cherish for all of my life.

— Deborah Walston

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Learning about ritual and We’moon’s circle has profoundly shifted and cleansed the lens through which I view the world.  Connecting to our Ancient roots through the rediscovery –the reminding and re-hearting of the Divine feminine within every woman is every woman’s birthright!  My own rediscovery with the great Mother – this change in perspective –this reconnection – enabled me to create my life more skillfully.  Enacting intention through ritual in sacred space with other women provokes powerful undercurrents and repercussions of change.  This new view, this new way of seeing the world empowers and informs my actions and reactions in a myriad of ways.  Change is as great as when in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, suddenly the world turns from black and white into color. 

 — Rhonda Purvis

Having felt buried alive much of my life and now finding myself above ground, I know my healing from a mood disorder was accelerated by 'therapy on steroids' in our healing circle. I long to share hope with those who may be suffering in silence as I once did. None of us is alone when we speak up, so it's my intention to break the ice of isolation by disclosing my own challenges. May my voice be a tool to unearth the living and speak for my ancestors who suffered with mental illness without the options we have today for healing. Connection in circle has been the refining touch to my soul's mending."

— Tina Busby

Aphrodite’s Mirror Wisdom Circle
beginning February 2019 will include:
  1. Meeting in person one time per month for a time of learning, practice and sharing.

  2. Participate in mirror chats – an on-line video connection one time per month to deepen the learning and connection with one another.

  3. Connect via private Facebook page to share success, questions, new revelations, etc.

  4. Attend larger celebrations during the year to celebrate the seasons of a woman’s life.

Aphrodite’s Mirror Wisdom Circle

The Guiding Principles of

Aphrodite’s Mirror Wisdom Circle

To affirm and facilitate each woman’s connection with herself, to other women and to that “which is bigger than ourselves”


To recognize, cultivate and nurture each woman to birth her sacred gifts into world.


To create a safe sacred space to support women to explore the depth of their inner and outer worlds.


To practice the art of ritual and ceremony as a way of life and healing for individuals, communities and the earth.


To provide opportunities for women to “access their personal power and experience themselves as sacred” (Ruth Barrett)


To practice the Right Use of Power by intertwining love and strength as demonstrated by our actions and speech towards ourselves and to one another.

Belinda Haverdill has been practicing and integrating the powerful healing art of mindfulness and ancient women’s wisdoms for more than 30 years. She believes as women heal and empower themselves the world around them will be transformed for the well being of all.  Belinda midwife’s a Charlotte women’s wisdom circle named S.H.E. (Spiral Hive Embodied). She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in private practice, a certified Internal Family Therapist, a facilitator for The Right Use of Power and ritualist who has created sacred ceremonies for healing, wellness and awakening.