Price includes: 


  • All day workshop


  • Evening Community Healing Ritual

Cost: $99.00

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In the distant past, Goddesses were known to have special tools which they used to channel their powers to support human kind and our planet.  Inanna had the seven me*; Artemis her bow; Ninshubur her drum; and Aphrodite, her girdle and mirror, just to name a few.  


Aphrodite’s Mirror is being re birthed as a powerful shamanic tool whose time has come to help restore women, their relationship to others and to our Mother Gaia.  This oracular instrument is specific for women in conjunction with their particular frequency with heart and womb energy. 

During this workshop you will gain wisdom regarding:


  • Dealing effectively with our own internal patterns that may strangle self compassion and our ability to be compassionate or present for others.


  • Increase awareness regarding various types of power and how to use it effectively and correctly.


  • Learn and practice vital steps in restoring relationships evoking more self knowing and hope for the future.


  • To walk one’s individual path with courage and heart with wisdom


  • The opportunity to participate in a women’s community healing ritual with the empowered group intention of activating heart and womb energies for the healing of self and the wellbeing of all.

Evening ritual is open to all women who have an interest in healing our planet through women’s wisdom ways (even those who do not attend this fabulous workshop).  Love offering will be accepted with a grateful heart." 

Aphrodite’s Mirror
Cultivating the Art of Living & Loving Courageously
A year-long series beginning in February of 2019
A gateway course to S.H.E. (Spiral Hive Embodied)

Reconnecting to these female energies is vital at this point in time to assist with the shifting vibration of our planet for the highest good of all. 


*inspirations of the goddesses and gods, attributes of civilization and humanity’s concerns.


For Registration please contact Sharon at Heart’s & Sol Wellness or  704-905-9535. 

About the Workshop Presenter

Belinda Haverdill has been practicing and integrating the powerful healing art of mindfulness and ancient women’s wisdoms for more than 30 years. She believes as women heal and empower themselves the world around them will be transformed for the well being of all.  Belinda midwife’s a Charlotte women’s wisdom circle named S.H.E. (Spiral Hive Embodied). She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in private practice, a certified Internal Family Therapist, a facilitator for The Right Use of Power and ritualist who has created sacred ceremonies for healing, wellness and awakening.