Belinda Haverdill

20 + Years As A Licensed Professional Counselor  

Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and LPC Supervisor 

An Advanced Teacher of The Right Use of Power 

Graduate of A Year and a Day Mystery School  

Spiritual Intuitive 

Belinda Haverdill is the founder of Spiral Path Healing Arts Center. As a counselor, she's been practicing and teaching the powerful art of mindfulness and ancient healing wisdoms for more than 20 years, providing a welcoming place for Spirit and Mystery in our ordinary lives.  

Her core values include being of service to others, with openness and compassion as others find their way toward greater wholeness. Belinda believes that we're all born with the ability to heal ourselves, to summon our unique inner strengths in promotion of deep, positive transformation in our lives... and the lives of others! 

Belinda supports individuals of all backgrounds and genders. Along with individual counseling sessions, she holds spirituality and empowerment groups for women, as well as community workshops that teach others how to use personal power in a way that heals and connects. 


Central to her heart's desire is the facilitation of healing circles and events that empower individuals to know themselves and bring their unique gift into the world to help others.  

"For over twenty years, my first goal has always been to help you move through issues with greater understanding, compassion, confidence and independence. To deepen your relationships, deal with conflict more effectively, and make empowered choices for your life. 
I believe that the art of healing is physical, mental and emotional. Your well-being involves connecting with why you think, react, and feel the way you do. Together, we can observe your physical and emotional reactions, and help you achieve deep shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors. 
Open-mindedness and acceptance are important to me. That is why my practice is inclusive, embracing all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds. In mutual dialogue, I want us to learn and grow together as we comfortably work through your concerns. Relating and connecting is at the heart of every one of my sessions. 
It is through this connection that your values and concerns are validated and explored. It's where beliefs that no longer serve you can be released and replaced with a renewed sense of being, belonging and contributing."